Do you know sudden leakage or spray Flange Guards outs may destroy your workplace and workforce drastically? Do you know ignoring them can dig you into the pool of problems? Do you know protecting your workforce and workplace from such dicey situation is not so hard? If yes, so, why are you taking your safety at stake? Don’t you know a spill, a slip, gives you a hospital trip? At least, don’t lie to yourself, otherwise, it may cost you more than you even expect. Installation of Flange Guards helps you to solve the issue. It is a safety shield that is made of polypropylene or PTFE material, which creates a blockade between the chemical inside the flange joints or external environment.

Moreover, it helps to dissipate the pressure of the leak, which controls or manage the condition and minimizes the loss and injury to the staff and the substance. It helps in saving your bucks as it avoids the situation of spray outs, which prevent any damage that automatically saves your money. These are most commonly used on flanges in acid and caustic chemical condition. These are because of their safety nature also recognized as Flange Protectors, Safety Shields, and Flange Wraps. Because of the use of the PTFE material, these are proven to give resistance against UV, temperature, and weather.

Because of this, Flange Guards are able to withstand extremely high temperatures. You can immediately set up it by just tying the cord. It only takes a few minutes for its installation. It can be customized for any special requirements or applications. Flange Guards may contain a PH indicator patch, which signals a leak by immediately changing its color to red in the presence of an acid or green in the presence of an alkali. Onshore oil fields, refineries, gas industries, pharmaceutical, manufacturing units are some of the industries where hundreds of chemicals are used on a regular basis and in all such areas this is necessary to install.

So, why take a risk, when you have the solution to avoid it? The best part is that the price of the Flange Guard is not so high that means it doesn’t cost you the fortune. You can easily avail the right size as per your flange joint need from the manufacturers of the PTFE Products. So, don’t cut the corner, especially when you know there is a risk. Install Flange Guards and protect your work environment and personnel as well.